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Kindergarten Classroom


little champs sports



Little Champs Sports is a premium ancillary service that brings a reliable, flexible, and popular weekly sports program to your school. LCS provides additional value to your school through an appealing and convenient extra-curricular activity your families are sure to love. Our goal at Little Champs Sports is to teach the fundamentals and mechanics of a variety of sports to early learners in a fun, creative way while developing a love for sports!

LCS coaches teach a variety of sports every week including t-ball, tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, volleyball, bowling (seasonal), flag-football (seasonal), and floor-hockey (seasonal). The classes are structured to have the children interactively learn the fundamentals and mechanics of their favorite sports in a comfortable and convenient setting. Lesson plans are specially designed to engage the children's imagination, encourage movement, and provide reachable goals. Kids LOVE attending Little Champs Sports, and often say it is their favorite activity of the week!

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