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little champs sports


Little Champs Sports is a convenient and affordable way for your child to learn the fundamentals and mechanics of a variety of sports in a fun and convenient way. LCSs interactive classes are structured using fun games that foster imagination and creativity. LCS coaches focus on providing a quality experience through positive reinforcement. 

The benefits of playing sports are monumental in the development of the whole child. Long-term advantages of playing sports include reduced risk of obesity, an increase in cardiovascular fitness, development of healthy bones, improved coordination and balance, and improved sleep.


Little Champs Sports classes provide children an authentic experience to learn and practice their social skills such as getting along with others, sharing, taking turns, and using appropriate words to communicate their feelings and needs. In addition, LCS classes are a great place to learn and practice personal skills such as being truthful (honesty), observing the rules of play (integrity), and persisting in an idea, purpose, or task despite the obstacles (persistence). 

Little Champs Sports coaches will cater to every learning style whether it be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, to ensure your child learns in the most developmentally appropriate way. All LCS coaches are highly personable, energetic, and have extensive experience working with early learners. 

Quality customer service is one of their core values, so you will always be well informed and updated on your childs progress, attendance, and interest in the program. Little Champs Sports is guaranteed to become one of your child’s favorite weekly activities!

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